FAQ | Shirokuma Camping Car Rental



How much is it?
How to calculate the fee Here Please refer to. If you would like a quote, the price will change depending on the details of your reservation. Reservation application page Please apply once from. We will show you the detailed usage fee.
Is there an empty car?
The vacancy status for each desired car model is Here You can check from.
Can pets be carried?
Vehicle types are limited, but possible. For more information Doggy’s page Please refer to the.
Is it possible to contact by phone?
Yes. It is possible. Inquiry form If you can send your telephone number, we will call back from our shop.
Can I wait for a cancellation?
If you apply for “Waiting for cancellation” in the remarks column of the reservation form, we will contact you if cancellation occurs.
How many days can I make a reservation before?
Reservations can be made up to 6 months before departure.

About rental

Open 24 hours?
Yes. Lending / returning is possible for 24 hours.
Can you keep the car I went to the store?
You can rent one car and keep one car. We can not assume any liability during parking. Please note.
Where is the store?
Located in Noboribetsu city. For more information Here Please refer to.
What to bring?
Please bring your license when borrowing. If you have one, don’t forget your ETC card.
Where can I stay in the car?
There are roadside stations and highway service areas.
Can I borrow without reservation?
I’m sorry. Our shop is a reservation system.
I want to change the date and time
Please contact us by email.
I haven’t got an airplane yet.
Since it is free to change the date and time if it is a safe course, we recommend applying for that course.
What if an airplane is canceled?
Please contact the delivery dispatcher directly. The direct contact information will be provided after the person in charge has been decided.
What is the Immediate / Star system?
This service can greatly reduce the time required for departure on the day of rental by sending an explanation DVD and guide documents in advance. For more information Here Please refer to.
Can I board the ferry?
Yes. It is possible. If you contact us in advance, we will provide you with the vehicle information needed to book your ferry.

About charges

How is the fee calculated?
When using for 2 days and 3 hours, the basic fee is “24 hours” fee x 2 + “every 1 hour” fee x 3 hours. For more information Rate information page Please refer to.
Can I get a quote?
If you write “Request a quote” in the remarks column of the reservation application page, we will reply with a detailed quote according to your request.
Is the fare charged based on the mileage?
Please be assured that there is no price change in the mileage.
Is the expressway a regular car fee?
Yes, it can be used at a standard car rate.
What is the cancellation fee?
It will change depending on the cancellation date. For more information Here Please refer to.
What is the exemption compensation system?
If you subscribe beforehand, our shop will bear the deductible amount (maximum 200,000 yen) of the customer’s burden in case of an accident.
How much is the delivery (delivery) / collection fee?
It depends on the location (distance from our shop) specified by the customer. Dispatch / Pickup / Package Receiving Page Please confirm.

About the vehicle

Can I drive with a normal license?
Yes, you can drive with a normal license. It can also be used with a license limited to AT vehicles.
How many people can ride?
Up to 7 people, but considering that you can sleep comfortably, we recommend up to 5 adults.
Can I cook in the car?
Although simple cooking is possible, cooking of fried foods and grilled foods will leave a smell and cannot be rented to the next customer.
What is the difference between the models?
The biggest difference is the difference in the base body. Serengeti is based on Hiace and Cordo Banks is based on truck. For more information Vehicle introduction page Please refer to.
I am new to camping cars and am anxious.
An explanation DVD is sent in advance so you can prepare for it in advance. If you have any concerns about driving, if you make a request in advance, the staff will lecture on driving points when lending.
How big is the car?
The length is about 5m, the width is about 2m, and the height is about 3m. Please refer to the details page of each vehicle for detailed sizes.
Yes. All cars are non-smoking.
How much is fuel economy?
Depending on the number of passengers and whether it is a highway or an urban area, the difference is about 6 to 8 km per liter.
What is an external power supply?
This system charges the battery of a camper using the power of an external facility such as an auto campsite.
Do you have a toilet?
Toilet is an additional option. For more information Please see the rental goods page.
Can the lights and heating be used even when the engine is stopped?
In addition to the battery used for starting the engine of the vehicle, there are two more batteries, so you can use the lighting, refrigerator, heating, etc. even when the engine is stopped.