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Four commitments

Camper is a car + hotel
It offers hotel-like comfort while ensuring the mobility and safety of a car.
We will provide you with a "neat" camper with a commitment to each one so that it will become an important memory of your customers.

KODAWARI.01 Commitment to
safety and security

Tires for camper vans

Tires that support large bodies. At our shop, camper tires are installed on all vehicles, and we replace them with new ones every three years, no matter how small. In addition, we always check the air pressure before lending, and we have a system in place for safe driving.

Periodic inspection

In our shop, in addition to annual inspection, Toyota Motor conducts regular inspections of more than 45 items every three months. Because it is a camper with a large body, we perform professional maintenance properly. In addition, we conduct our own inspections and work on maintenance of vehicle equipment such as refrigerators and beds.

Fall prevention net

To prevent small children from falling off the bed, the bank bed (double bed size) on the driver's seat is equipped with a "fall prevention net", so you can use it safely even during a nap.

* Cordbanks only

Relief course

In preparation for contingency such as key confinement and battery rise, our shop has prepared a "Reliable Course", and we have prepared a course that even first-time customers can use with confidence.
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Explanation DVD & Manual

For those who are new to camping cars for the first time, we have sent a DVD explaining the operation method in an easy-to-understand video format so that you can prepare for the video before travelling. In addition, there is also a video on the iPad that comes standard with the vehicle, so you can review it at any time.
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KODAWARI.02 Commitment to comfort

Free amenities

To make your ride more comfortable, there are a number of free amenities in the vehicle. We aim to create an environment where you can come from your home just by changing clothes.
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Unlimited in-car Wi-Fi & iPad set

It comes standard with an in-vehicle Wi-Fi that can be used unlimitedly while traveling, and an iPad with videos on how to use a camper. For long distance travel, rainy days, and even for those who are new to camping cars, you can spend comfortably.

KODAWARI.03 Commitment to

Cleaning with a professional!

In our shop, we clean all the bedding every time you use it by a professional trader. We always provide our customers with clean bedding.

* A cleaning fee of ¥ 500 / person is required.

Bedding types

Depending on the seasonal temperature, we will prepare for the number of users. A cleaning fee of 500 yen per person is required.

  • Bet putt and sheets
  • Pillows and pillowcases
  • Towel blanket
  • blanket
  • Comforter (winter only)

KODAWARI.04 Commitment to

Depart immediately with the “Soon Star” system!

You can prepare for the lesson using the “Description DVD” that you send in advance, so you can shorten the time to listen to the vehicle description on the day of lending, and you can leave immediately. After departure, it is also possible to review the explanation videos on the iPad, which is mounted on the car.
Click here for details on the “Soon / Star” system

Delivery service

This service allows you to bring a camper anywhere you can park your vehicle, such as airports, train stations, hotels and homes. It is very popular because it allows you to depart immediately from the designated place, making it easy to plan your trip and minimizing luggage movement. Of course it is possible to take over.
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Rental goods

We have a wide range of camping equipment, so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about preparing your luggage.
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* Some items that are not listed may be available.
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