「Sugu・Suta」system | Convenient service | Shirokuma Camping Car Rental


With vehicle explanation DVD and explanatory documents
The rental time on the day of rental is greatly reduced!

Vehicle explanation DVD and explanatory documents will be sent after reservation is confirmed.
Of course, you can also hear the explanation directly from the staff on the day of rental.
If you are uneasy, please do not hesitate to ask.

NORMAL Conventional


Up to 45 minutes shorter!

All you have to do is read the DVD and the documents sent after your reservation is confirmed! No special registration or application is required.
Delivery contents
Vehicle explanation DVD (about 45 minutes)
Guidebook on the day of rental
Guidebook for rental items
Free amenity guide
Please read the vehicle explanation DVD and documents sent after booking,
Please check the contents.

* The contents of the vehicle description DVD can also be viewed on the video on the in-car iPad.