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Beginner’s Guide

I want to rent a camping car, but I’m not confident in driving because it’s big.
I can’t sleep in the car …
Such as when you use a camper for the first time, I think whether there is anxiety.

We hope that you can eliminate such anxiety and use a camper with peace of mind.

OUTLINE What is a camper
Such a car

Full degree of freedom! A running hotel!

The best thing about camper cars is that they have a permanent bed inside the car! The freedom of travel is greatly improved without worrying about hotel check-in time. One of the attractions of a camper is that you can enjoy such a free journey as you want to do what you want, regardless of the schedule you have decided in advance. Of course, camping cars are “moving hotels” that allow you to sleep soundly when you sleep without feeling cramped.

OK with a normal car license! Of course it is an automatic car.

There is a double-sized bed in the car, and it is a camper in a spacious space where people can stand and move, but it is OK with a normal license! Of course, it is an automatic car, so even those who are not good at driving can drive immediately in Hokkaido where the road width is wide!

Standard equipment for camper vans

Campers are full of attractive facilities besides permanent beds! There is also a multifunctional multi-room where you can set up a sink, refrigerator, dining and toilet in the kitchen. Free and comfortable at your destination, on the move, and whenever you sleep. This is a moving hotel!

  • kitchen

  • dining

  • Bedroom

SOLUTION Eliminate anxiety!

I’ve never driven a big car.
Hokkaido is wide and very easy to drive, so don’t worry. More than 90% of our customers use our regular car license only. Everyone is nervous at first, but you’re used to it right away. When parking in the back, it is best to have the passenger first get off once and look behind.
I don’t know how to use indoor equipment.
In our shop, we have sent a DVD that summarizes the operation method in an easy-to-understand video. In addition, there is an iPad in the car, and there is an explanatory video, so you can always check the video. If you would like to borrow it, the staff will operate it directly at the time of lending, so please feel free to tell us.
Where should I stay in the car?
The free facilities are famous for the roadside station, but there are also highway service areas and park parking lots. In addition, there is a power supply facility in an auto campsite that has a power supply facility for a fee, and an RV park that is gradually increasing in Hokkaido recently.

* Please note that some park facilities do not allow overnight stays in cars.

How much travel per day is good?
Hokkaido is larger than the sum of Kyushu and Shikoku, and the distance between towns is so long that travel tends to be long. The camper can be enjoyed while traveling, but while traveling around sightseeing spots, we recommend a total travel distance of about 150km to 200km per day. We want to go there more and more, so we recommend a spacious schedule.

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POINT one point

POINT 01 Hokkaido climate

Hokkaido can get quite cold in the mornings and evenings, even in summer, depending on the region. It is safe to have a spare coat.

POINT 02 Beware of gas stations!

The distance between towns is far and there are few gas stations, so be sure to refuel early.

POINT 03 About luggage

Having a bag that can be subdivided from the suitcase is convenient for separating luggage in the car. In addition, sandals are convenient when you go out of the car a little.

POINT 04 Be careful with speed!

Due to its high height, it tends to wander due to crosswinds, etc., compared to ordinary cars. It is a good idea to drive about 80 km on the highway.

POINT 05 Beware of height restrictions!

The height of the vehicle is 3.2m. Since it is easy to forget after the second day, always be aware of height restrictions, and be especially careful when going under elevated or backing.

POINT 06 About parking lot

Because the vehicle height is high, the multistory parking lot is NG! When you enter a coin parking lot with a gate bar, be careful of the height of the rain shield at the entrance!

POINT 07 About Auto Campsite

Most auto campsites have power supply facilities, so we recommend that you use the auto campsite, which also charges once every three days.

POINT 08 About the number of passengers

The maximum number of passengers is seven, but it is a bit cramped with seven adults. Only about 5 adults can comfortably spend 7 children.

POINT 09 About toilet

The toilet is an optional rental item that you apply for in advance. It is safe to have it when traveling with small children.

SITUATION Useful when

  • Travel time
    For a long trip

    The inside of the car is spacious and the bed is permanent, so if you get tired you can lie down and take a rest. Long travel in Hokkaido, where tourist spots are scattered, is comfortable.

  • With small children
    For travel

    Traveling with small children is just a challenge. But if you are a camper, you can move around without worrying about your eyes.

  • With important friends
    For making memories

    It is different from staying at a hotel, and you can share a deep time with important people. It will surely be a wonderful memory you will never forget.

  • With a doggy

    Although there are still few hotels where dogs are OK, the location is limited, but if you are a camper, you can quickly change to a hotel. You can always be with the doggy.

  • A different trip than usual
    When you want to

    Large Hokkaido. There are many ways to enjoy fishing and climbing. A camping car is perfect for such an unusual and active trip.

  • Popular concerts and
    To the festival

    In a popular concert, the hotel may not be fully booked, but if you are a camper, the hotel is near the venue. Congestion of movement is also avoided.


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