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Insurance and coverage

Insurance contents

Personal insurance Unlimited
Objective insurance Unlimited (100,000 yen exemption)
Vehicle insurance Market value (100,000 yen exemption)
In-car disability 50 million yen per person

Exemption compensation system [CDW]
(Optional subscription)

If you subscribe to this system before departure,
[100,000 yen exemption from objective insurance] When [Vehicle insurance deductible 100,000 yen]
We will compensate up to 200,000 yen for you.

¥ 3,500 / 1 day (24 hours)

  • * If multiple accidents occur, only the first time will be applied.
  • * Not applicable in the case of violation of the loan agreement.

Acts of insurance and non-compensation

Non-operation charge

In the event that an accident, theft, breakdown, or fouling is required and the vehicle needs to be repaired or cleaned, the following amount shall be paid as compensation for suspension during that period.
Car suspension period × Charge for every 24 hours during the car suspension period

In the event of an accident, theft, breakdown, or fouling, etc., if you need to move the vehicle with tow, you will be charged the following tow charges.
Exceeded amount covered by car insurance

In case of accident

In the event of an accident, please take the following measures immediately.

Injury relief
First rescue the injured. Immediately after that, try to prevent secondary damage.
Contact the police (acquisition of accident certificate)
Be sure to notify the police and obtain an accident certificate.
Contact our shop
In case of an accident, you can call us 24 hours a day, so be sure to contact our shop from the scene of the accident.

Be sure to take the above measures regardless of the size of the scratches and dents, and whether or not there is a partner.
Failure to take the necessary action will result in exclusion of all insurance and compensation.

In case of parking violation

* In this case, pay the penalty fee after returning the rental car, and present our staff with a transportation foul notice and a payment receipt / receipt document with a receipt stamp to refund the full amount of the deposit. I will.