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Go out with my doggy

If you are a camper, you don’t have to leave a doggy or look for a pet hotel,
You can travel together anywhere.

INGENUITY Device of the polar bear

Leather seat
All seats are leather upholstery, so they are resistant to dirt and easy to clean.
Temperature control
It is safe because it is equipped with a large ventilation fan in summer and an FF heater that can be used even when the engine is stopped in winter.

* Please do not leave your dog alone in the car.

TIPS Drive Tips

Before departure
Leave the toilet.
Finish your meal early before riding for the first time.
Take a light walk before moving.
Try to drive safely.
Check for motion sickness!
Break frequently! (The toilet is outside the car)


Ride method
In case of an accident, sudden braking, car sickness, etc.
We recommend moving in a cage.

* If there is any damage, a car suspension fee may be charged.

Available models
Only available for New Serengeti.
Click here for more information on New Serengeti
Usage fee
¥ 2,500 per dog per day
  • ※ Large dog + ¥ 1,000
  • * Price includes basic cleaning and deodorizing fee after return.


Those who wish to ride with a doggy must adhere to the following items and sign the consent form before departure. * In case of assistance (care) dogs, please contact us separately.

  1. ① Please inform us of your dog breed in advance. Riding may be refused depending on the size.
  2. ② Being vaccinated effectively during the rental period.
  3. ③ Limited to indoor odorless children.
  4. ④Feeding and excretion in the car is prohibited. Be sure to ask outside the car.
  5. ⑤When the doggy gets on, please wipe your feet outside and clean before riding.
  6. ⑥Be careful not to bite the equipment inside the car or scratch it with your nails.
  7. ⑦Doggy accidents and illnesses, doggy accidents and damages are not covered by insurance or compensation.
  8. ⑧Animals other than dogs are not allowed.
  9. ⑨If there is a noticeable odor, hair loss or staining after use, and it is impossible to lend it to the next user, a car suspension compensation fee may be incurred during the cleaning period.