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Dispatch / Pickup / Package Receiving

Vehicle dispatch / pick-up service

Wherever you can park your car, such as New Chitose Airport or your home,
We will deliver and pick up your camper to your designated location.
If you come to our shop store information Please confirm.

Delivery fee table

Under discount campaign implementation!

Designated location Distance to our shop Vehicle dispatch / collection fee
New Chitose Airport About 80km ¥ 4,500 ¥ 2,500
Sapporo city About 120km ¥ 5,500 ¥ 3,000
Hakodate Station About 210km ¥ 25,000 ¥ 20,000
Asahikawa Airport About 260km ¥ 29,000 ¥ 23,000
Kushiro Station About 340km ¥ 52,000 ¥ 45,000
Memanbetsu Airport About 420km ¥ 59,000 ¥ 50,000
Noboribetsu city About 15km ¥ 3,500 ¥ 2,000

Luggage receiving service

Please send your luggage such as camping equipment and changing clothes to our company in advance,
It will be loaded on your camper when you rent it for free.
By sending your luggage in advance, traveling to the airport is very easy.

* Advance application is required. Please contact us before sending.

[Sending address]
210059-0461 Noboribetsu, Hokkaido 210 Satsunai-cho
To polar bear camper rental

*The customer bears the full cost of the delivery fee.

Now campaigning !!

If you use for more than 5 days (120 hours),
We will bear the shipping cost.
Up to 10,000 yen!
Combination with other campaigns is also possible!