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Sapporo / Asahikawa / Furano / Obihiro

Hokkaido attraction
The whole thing!

  • Days: 4 nights 5 days
  • Route: New Chitose Airport → Sapporo → Asahikawa → Biei → Furano → Obihiro → New Chitose Airport
  • Mileage: about 850km

A course that covers all the highlights, mainly in central Hokkaido and the Hokkaido region.
If you want to try activities such as rafting, I recommend you near Furano.


Departing from New Chitose Airport!

45km (1 hour)

Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Deck

That place is famous for Dr. Clark. Why not take a commemorative photo?

Hitsujigaoka Observation Deck

37km (40 minutes)

Clock tower

A clock tower that is often referred to as a tourist spot. If you do not have time, can you just enjoy it from the train window?

Sapporo Clock Tower

7km (40 minutes)

Okurayama jumping platform

A ski jump overlooking Sapporo. There is also an Olympic Museum.

Okurayama Jump Stadium

6km (30 minutes)

White lover park

It is an interesting facility that includes a factory tour, sweets making, a restaurant, and vehicles for that “white lover” famous for its Hokkaido souvenirs.

Source: White lover park

150km (2 hours)

Genghis Khan "Daikokuya"

A famous Genghis Khan shop in Hokkaido. Raw lamb that is grilled over charcoal is exquisite!

Source: Shigeyoshi Shigeyoshi Daikokuya

2km (10 minutes)

Road Station Asahikawa

There is a super public bath "Mori no SPA Kagura" about 5 minutes by car.

Source: Asahikawa-Kita no Michi no Eki Station

15km (30 minutes)


Asahiyama Zoo

A famous zoo in the whole country. See the ecology of lively animals.

Polar Bear

25km (40 minutes)

View of Mieicho and Zerubu Hill

Around Biei-cho, you can see beautiful scenery just by running on ordinary roads. Zerubu Hill is full of seasonal flowers.

View of Mieicho and Zerubu Hill

2km (5 minutes)

Biei Selection

A lot of delicious things of Miei who can feel the blessings of the earth are gathered.

Source: JA Biei Biei Selection

20km (30 minutes)

Blue pond

A superb view where the contrast between the clear blue and the dead trees is beautiful. The parking lot is large and easily accessible.

Blue pond

7km (10 minutes)

Hill campsite where you can reach the stars

As the name suggests, a campsite with a beautiful night sky. There is also a camper van site.

Source: A hill campsite with a hand on the stars

15km (20 minutes)


Farm Tomita

A farm famous for its lavender fields. It is very crowded during summer vacation.

Lavender field

15km (30 minutes)

Furano cheese studio

You can buy delicious dairy products and there is also a restaurant. Handmade experience studio is also a popular facility.

Source: Furano cheese studio

70km (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Bear Mountain

This is a safari park style facility where you can observe the brown bears in the forest from the bus, and it is a must-see!

Source: Bear Mountain

70km (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Snow Peak Tokachi Polo Siri Campsite

Campground run by Snow Peak, a famous outdoor equipment company. The facilities are clean and well equipped.

Source: Snow Peak Tokachi Polo Siri Camp Field

10km (15 minutes)


Rokka no Mori

A forest run by Rokkatei, a famous Hokkaido confectionery. There are also restaurants and museums.

Rokka no Mori

10km (15 minutes)

Happiness station

There is a station that really existed in the old JNR era. The souvenir of the ticket with the station name is very popular.

Happiness station

20km (30 minutes)

Obihiro's specialty "butadon"

There are more than 40 pork bowl specialty stores around Obihiro. It might be fun to ladder the shop. !!

Source: eating log

5km (20 minutes)

Banei Horse Racing (limited to the date)

A place you should definitely visit when you go to Obihiro. You can cheer while running the race up close.

Source: Banei Tokachi

50km (1 hour)

Naitai Plateau Ranch

The largest public ranch in Japan with an area of 358 Tokyo Domes. At the top is a stylish terrace cafe.

Naitai Plateau

50km (1 hour)

Tokachigawa Onsen

Tokachigawa Onsen has a large number of mall-based hot springs that are rare in Japan. Please try it.

Source: Tokachigawa Onsen

30km (40 minutes)

Tokachi Plain SA (Doto Expressway)

Only vending machines and toilets, no restaurant.

Tokachi Plain SA

40km (45 minutes)


Unkai Terrace (Tomamu Resort)

Although it is a natural phenomenon, it is not always seen, but it is worth the challenge. The difficulty is early in the morning.

Source: Hoshino Resort Tomamu

130km (2 hours)

Northern Horse Park

This is an interactive facility with the theme of interacting with horses. The facilities are beautiful and you can enjoy horseback riding safely.

Source: Northern Horse Park

15km (20 minutes)

New Chitose Airport

Enjoy your trip to Hokkaido at the end with souvenirs and ramen dojo! !!

Source: New Chitose Airport Terminal Building


We look forward to coming again ♪